If You Have Fears, Great; Let’s Turn Them Into Fuel

The occurrence of the Fears is the most positive thing happening to you

Muhammad Fazal
3 min readMay 26, 2022


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Fear that you will not get good grades? Fine. Work more hard. Study harder.

Fear that your spouse will cheat on you? Awesome! Why don’t you make yourself so good that no one can ignore you?

Fear that something bad will happen? Again, go to the gym and teach your mind a lesson. Teach it to handle anything uncertain that could come from anywhere.

Fear becomes a great opportunity if you learn to use your fear and act on it.

But here is the problem.

It’s Our Not Taking Action Habit That Is The Problem

Fear will always demand that you take action. But the problem is that we are so lazy; We do not want to show up. We want to lie down and overthink.

We want to find the answer to our fears through thinking, which is impossible. Because fears only want this: action.

Fear wants us to move and work on ourselves. Fear shows that we are weak and that there is a lot that we are leaving on the plate.

So it’s the inaction that feeds the fears and makes them fatter in our minds. The moment we get busy preparing, fear shrinks little by little and eventually vanishes.

But we do not fear; we fear action because we are lazy by nature. That’s the problem.

So how do you overcome that laziness? Here is how.

Expect Your Companions Not to Perform Well

You can imagine anything here. You can imagine a football match, cricket match, basketball match, or whatever.

But I imagine that there is a war, and I’m the only warrior on the battlefield who knows how to fight.

But little did I need support from my companions, who could distract the enemy or keep them engaged so that I could decide my maneuvers.

But the problem is that my clan is a bunch of lazy asses. They do not have the guts to support me in the warzone. They are weak, and it’s just me who is responsible in the end to fight and…



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