Increase the Volume of the Other Voice in Your Brain That Says Do What Sucks

A simple one-step formula to success

Muhammad Fazal
2 min readApr 6, 2023
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Two voices inside our brain constantly ring. The voice of strength and the voice of weakness.

They never die. They are always there. It is just some people have increased one voice’s volume more than other.

Your success and failure is defined by the kind of voice you are increasing in your mind.

Do you increase the volume of the voice of a victim and weak in your brain or you deliberately choose to increase the volume of the voice that makes you stronger by pushing you to do tough things?

Which voice gets heard the most?

Your success is one-step away if you completely feel and understand what I am trying to mention here.

It is totally under your control to increase the volume of the two voices that ring in your brain all the times.

So choice. Are you increasing the volume of the voice that says, “Sleep. It’s okay. Your deserve it.” Or you increase the volume of the voice in your brain that says, “You are not done yet. No more wasting potential. It is not acceptable. Get up and go. Launch yourself like a rocket.”

If you totally understand this, your life will never be the same.

So which voice gets the more priority in your head? Which voice gets the more volume in your head?

Decide. This single decision will change your life instantly like never before.



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