Is Your Brain Taking the Decisions for You or Is It You Yourself

If your rely on your brain to make decisions for you, you are going to live a life of a loser

Muhammad Fazal


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Question: Should you brush your teeth before you go to sleep?

Brian: No, watch some memes on your phone. Do not leave this cozy bed. Sleep while watching videos. It’s okay.

You: Go just brush your teeth. It’s good for you in the long-term.

Question: Should you work right now?

Brain: No, it’s boring. Life is to enjoy. It’s to relax. You have been doing the work all that long. Leave the work. Relax. Scroll on Instagram.

You: You should work bro. If you work, you will earn more. You will enjoy more. Work is what will give you pride.

In all the times, there is a battle between right voice and the weak-victim voice.

A voice that says, bro you have not done enough. Still you have more inside you. You are infinitely capable of doing things and you are wasting your potential.

And other voice that says, man life is to enjoy. Relax. What if you die tomorrow? Do not save the money. Spend it. When will you enjoy? Is life all about doing all these boring things?

One voice comes from your brain which is weak and a child-like and another is coming from your consciousness which is mature and to which I call as “You”.

If you give control of your life to your mind, you will be a failure.

Take the control of your life. You exactly know what is the right thing to do. And what is the right voice to listen to.

Stop listening to the weak dialogue of your mind.

Listen to the right voice. The voice that says, do the boring thing because that is where you will find the greatness.

Stop being weak. Take the control of your life.

Last question. Are you controlling your life or you have given control of your life to you mind? Answer this question right now.

Do you want fleeting and short-lived pleasures or you want life-time greatness. Choose.

Take control of your life. Do not let mind decide for you what to do. Make the decision for yourself.

Do what is the right thing to do. Go and win the war of life. Nothing is more important than winning the war of life. Go and win it.



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