It Takes 2 Minutes to Enhance Your Life

Stand there for just 2 minutes more and do this

Muhammad Fazal
3 min readApr 14, 2022


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You wake up, leave your bed, and don’t just turn your back on your bed and rush to the washroom, stand there, and look at your bed for 2 minutes.

Fine, but what will it make the difference? What’s the point of looking at the scattered pillows and messy bedsheets? Awareness.

You might probably not make your bed as you wake up, but staring at the state of your bed after you have used it for sleeping is enough to ting the bell of the mind that you should make it before you leave the house.

Guess what? Even making your bed takes 2 minutes. I make mine in 1 minute. You could do it faster, depending on your pace or how quickly you want to get rid of the job.

Never Be Disorganized Again With This Little Pause

One of my friends gave me a title in my college days when I was his hostel roommate, “The most disorganized person I have ever seen.” He said it on my face; He was serious. But I shrugged off those words on a whim.

But I think I did it right. I would have been stressed out if I had taken his words seriously. Stressed out? Yes, because I didn’t know this idea before.

It takes just two minutes to organize your life.

If you open your Wardrobe and look at it for two minutes before getting or putting your clothes out, you will have the most organized Wardrobe in the house.

The problem is that we all are rushing.

It takes just two minutes of waiting to see that if you could eat on the plates in front of you, you can wash them too. If you could use a room that becomes messy, then you keep it clean too.

Don’t think it takes an entire life to do the dishes, clean the bookshelves, or rearrange your room furniture.

Here is how you need to think: Can you do it for just two minutes? Don’t think about completion. Think about the doing. You are just responsible for doing it for two minutes. That’s it. Forget it once you have done it for two minutes. We will resume work tomorrow; guess what? Again, for two minutes.



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