It’s Okay to Doubt Your Capabilities

Just be smart and use your doubt for your good

Muhammad Fazal


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We all doubt ourselves. Why? Because we are humans. A thinking being. Where there is a mind, there will always be a doubt.

We doubt whether we have got the guts to be the best in our fields or not, we doubt whether we will be able to make it or not, we doubt and doubt and doubt.

It’s okay to be confused. It’s okay to give a second thought to things. To peel the onion, to scavenge the pearls.

Doubting is a sign of intelligence. It says that you are thinking that you are considering the option of stepping back for hitting the higher jump.

Doubt is nice. But do not let it prevent you from succeeding.

These Kinds of Doubtful Thoughts Are Normal

Thoughts like whether I can compete with the best player in my field, whether I have got something unique, or whether I will be able to go the distance or not are normal.

Every winner has faced such kinds of thoughts. And it’s quite reasonable to think like this. Thinking from your TV launch that you can climb the Mountain Everest should make you doubt it.

It should make you think that it’s hard or near impossible.

But here is the thing: Despite having such logically backed doubt, you must also consider that numerous people have done it in the worst situations than you. So you can do it too.

Beat the logical doubts with logical evidence. Because whatever you want to do, someone must have done it already, and chances are they were in a worst position than you.

So such kinds of doubtful thoughts are normal. Learn to ignore these kinds of doubtful thoughts and act anyway.

These Kinds of Doubts Are Helpful And Healthy

When you are not succeeding despite trying things your way, you must doubt whether you are missing something or not.

See if you are not selling CDs in the age of USBs. See if you are selling obsolete products in the new age of marketing. These kinds of doubts are helpful, and you must never ignore such doubtful thoughts.



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