Just Look at Yourself and See What Are You Becoming

The problem is that you do not see how miserable you are right now

Muhammad Fazal
4 min readFeb 22, 2022


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Tell the truth, which leads to the right direction rather than telling a lie that eventuates in misery.

When you know who you are as a person, when you know your flaws and weaknesses, that is when you will begin to find the answers.

Most people are miserable, but they constantly say that everything is good and they are doing well.

People are not honest with themselves, which is why they do not feel good about themselves.

Maybe the world tells you or your parents see you as a great human being, but you know the truth.

You know that you do not like to work, and you are sluggish by your nature.

You know your blunders, and if you do not be honest with yourself and improve, you will fall badly.

Fix It Yourself Because Nobody Is Coming

Addictions, tensions, miseries, or whatever else you are experiencing right now, nobody will come to fix your life.

People can give suggestions. No matter how miserable they are in their lives, they have suitable recommendations for you.

Do you know what is difficult? Taking actions.

The thing is that we know everything we are required to do in our lives but are not doing it.

We do not love to take action.

So in this nature of human beings, nobody would stay in your way if you could train yourself to take action.

Learning to fix your issues yourself doesn’t require breaking the mountains into pieces. You can start by grabbing a glass of water for yourself.

Do not tell others to do the work on your behalf. You press your clothes.

You wash your plates in which you eat your food.

Train your mind to rely on one person, which should be you.

Accept The Fact



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