Just Relax, and Everything Will Be Okay

The problem is that we all are searching for relaxation while losing our calm and coolness

Muhammad Fazal
4 min readFeb 22, 2022


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Just increase the amount of oxygen you inhale in your body.

Work hard. Do things that others do not expect from you and change the world.

But you must consider relaxation as the crucial part of your existence.

The problem is that we all are searching for relaxation while losing our calm and coolness.

I am not saying that you shouldn’t lift heavyweights. I am not saying anything to stop the progress.

Focus on your work but make sure your breathing pattern is relaxed.

You must divide your attention between the inner and outer worlds wisely and evenly.

A relaxed mind is always in a better condition to produce great results.

Divide the Focus Between Work And Breath

Tense muscles will always shrink the opportunities and the thinking capabilities.

It is vital that you keep the muscles of your body well-relaxed and loose.

And the way to relax is to slow down and increase the amount of oxygen you inhale.

Work becomes the ultimate joy when you do it having being relaxed.

When your muscles are tensed and tight, when stakes are high, and you see more chances of losing your job than sustaining it, then it becomes so hard to make the right choice.

You will always make better decisions when your inner world is not ignored, and the outer world is given the required attention.

Nothing Is in Your Control

I’m not saying that you should let go of everything and lie on a couch all day.

Many things are not possible without our wise choices.

We can not do anything in our lives if we do not learn to make a good decision at a given moment.



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