Just This One Little Mind Shift Helped Me Overcome Yesterday’s Nagging Regret

I went for a video shoot and made an irreversible mistake

Muhammad Fazal
4 min readJun 8, 2022


Photo by Andrea Piacquadio

I gathered two months of savings to invest in recording a music video for my second original song.

Yesterday was the shoot; The location was in the train. I was excited; Things went well. I gave some of the best shots. But only one was there that I missed.

Nothing like that happened during the video shoot of my first original song. Every shot went near to perfection.

Like the previous video shoot, I thought this would be smooth and easy to shoot. But no. life is not the same always. As you grow and expand, you are prone to make mistakes.

The Shot That I Missed

The shot was I had to stay in front of the last door of the train.

While the videographers will be waiting for me on the face of that last door, on the next station, and as the door opens, I will walk away along with other people travelling with me in the train.

The Mistake I Made

I was standing at the right door, the last entry, for nearly 10 minutes.

But as the train reached the station where my videographers were waiting in front of that last door, I panicked.

I thought that I was not standing at the right door, while I was, and I moved toward the second last door of the train.

Do you know what the funniest part is? When the door opened, I wasn’t there. I became a ghost — the invisible man.

The Chaos and Songs of Regrets After This Incident

Every face in the crew turned red.

Most of them didn’t say a single word; Some cried for a while. A few of them thought of pack up. A few laughed.

Me: panic, little watery eyes, a little regret, and then a big laugh.

What We All Can Learn From My Mistake

Firstly, I was stiff. I was not relaxed. During any project, if your body muscles are not relaxed, the chances are high that you will panic…



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