Keep Knocking on The Door

You are talented keep pushing forward

Muhammad Fazal


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I have seen a lot of talented people losing hope after one or two attempts.

They think that maybe the success that they are dreaming of is not a part of their fate. Thinking such thoughts, they return to that job they hate to do.

Most people wish to start a business; they quit their job, save money, and make a lot of sacrifices. But as soon as a significant obstacle comes, their whole motivation goes out of the window.

When the business doesn’t work, they think they were okay with the job they hated to do.

That is the mindset you must fear the most.

Always remember: The way is forward. It’s in fighting the waves of the ocean with the vulnerable boat. It’s in the courage. It’s in being strong when you are weak. It’s in keep on knowing the door.

The Door Is Made To Open

Obstacles are born to overcome, and world records are maintained to break.

Imagine that the door is locked and nobody lives in the house. Would you still knock on the door?

Would you still knock despite knowing that the door is never going to open? I think you won’t.

It happens to us. In life, no door is not going to open one day. We just tell ourselves that the door is closed and it’s never going to open.

In life, the door is made to open. Keep knocking.

Sometimes Old Fashioned Strategies Do Not Work

People try to do things in an old-fashioned manner.

They keep on trying the old ways to solve new problems. They need to change their strategy to solve problems.

For instance, you want to sell burgers. The business that is already on the boom will never give you a chance to increase your profits if you do the same thing.

Things will not work if you do them the older way.

You have to try new things, new ways to make burgers. You have to create a monopoly — a unique mark that distinguishes you.



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