Know This Before You Fall in Love With Anyone

The essence of a long-term relationship is not loving but self-respect

Muhammad Fazal
4 min readMar 10, 2022


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No relationship is worth keeping where you are not respected.

People often mistake love with the sacrifice of self-respect. They do not understand that true love is mutual understanding and respect.

Love also means that there will be clashes and quarrels. But despite all fights, both parties do not want to leave.

Both sides want to fix the issues and be together under any condition.

True love has tolerance and patience. If there isn’t any, that relationship will not give you peace.

Run right away.

Add Some Rationality

Let’s peel the skin of the onion bit by bit.

First of all, it’s your life’s decision. You are investing your time; you are devoting your attention. Do you let all those resources go in vain?

Would you not find it regretful having invested your vital energies for years on someone who doesn’t deserve it?

Be sure that you do not turn your eyes from the things you exactly want from your partner.

Maybe you won’t get the exact partner, but you will get the prerequisites enough to keep the relationship for a lifetime.

Do not fall into the trap of emotions. Maybe you are inspired by the looks, but you do not see, or you deliberately ignore that she is an irresponsible being.

She isn’t a person who is dedicated. She is lazy. Do not deliberately overlook these things.

Put your mind, divide the decision between heart and mind equally. Take the choice with all consciousness.

That way of thinking will never allow any room for regrets in life about being in a relationship with the honest, sincere, right energy with the wrong person.

It’s more about the mind than the heights of emotions.

Put Self-Respect Above All

Think about it. How can a person invest all of their energies without first respecting a relationship with you?



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