Know When to Stop Thinking

It is as important as knowing when to think

Muhammad Fazal


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Everything comes from thinking.

You touch, taste, smell, eat, pray, love, hate, enjoy, play, and whatever else you do. That all comes from the mind.

Thinking is the sign we are alive.

Knowingly or unknowingly, we are thinking.

But excess of anything is dangerous, and too much thinking will make our lives as bad as hell.

Knowing when to stop thinking and avoiding the thought process is also a sign of intelligence.

Intelligent is the one who can think well but also knows when to stop thinking.

No one would like to sit in a car without breaks.

So let’s begin to understand when we need to stop thinking to create a beautiful balance in our lives.

Some Things Are Inevitably Out of Our Control

You can’t change the way people react to you.

Haters will remain haters, and the lovers will remain lovers. You can’t do anything about it.

But what do you do when it’s cold outside?

Do you type a cheat code to change the weather? Or do you mold yourself according to the situation?

You whine about the weather conditions, or you wear winter clothes?

If you are smart, you would probably choose the second option.

Similarly, when life happens to us: Business failure on the brink of success, loved ones leave, financial crises, and so on.

When such difficult times happen to us, instead of thinking about the solutions, we waste our time and energy overthinking the same problem repeatedly.

That ruins our lives.

Our very own thinking becomes self-sabotaging. The productive tool (the mind) becomes the most destructive tool.

We fail to notice that stillness, silence, and blankness must come forward.

Identifying the things and situations out of our control and shunning our minds over…



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