Know Yourself Before You Know the Other Person

Know your character, hobbies, values, habits, and thoughts

Muhammad Fazal
3 min readApr 26, 2022


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The better you know who you are as a person, the better you can make a connection with external things.

To choose a career, life partner, amount of money, and lifestyle, you must know yourself first.

Because in the end, it’s about you. What you want, how you want to live, where you want to lead your life.

When you are comfortably settled in yourself and are happy with the choice you make, and you know yourself better, you can give your full attention and time to the rest of the things.

Be comfortable in your skin before attaining the external stuff.

How Do You Think

Are you a negative thinker? Do you brag about small achievements? Are you optimistic about the future? Do you overthink things which are out of your control?

Do not get yourself consumed in this world. Do not spend the days of your life with half-aliveness.

Take out some time and see yourself. Sit with yourself and think about your thinking pattern. What are you as a person? What are your values and beliefs?

And so on. The more you sit with yourself and practice seeing your thought process, the better you will be able to control your mind.

You Must Have Habits And Hobbies

Every person is different. But what makes every person different? Their hobbies and habits.

What do you do when your college classes get readjusted? How do you spend your leisure time?

Do you have a passion that you follow? Do your habits contribute to the end goal and the person you want to become?

Are your hobbies improving your health or making you unhealthy?

The quality of habits and hobbies define the quality of the person you will become.

What Is Your Character

Are you brave or coward? Can you stand for your dreams, or you are following someone else’s dreams?



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