Learn to Let It Go

This habit will open up more opportunities and boost the process of success

Muhammad Fazal
3 min readMar 27, 2022


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Holding on to grudges suppresses the opportunities.

I remember one of my friends used abusive words against me on some occasions. My first thoughts were to vent out and show him the heights of my rage, but unwillingly and unconsciously, I let it go.

Initially, I thought, why did I pretend to be weak? Why didn’t I answer him? Is there any good in it? I can’t see any interest in it.

I Got My Answer After a Few Months

I had to settle in a city for study purposes, and I was short of money.

I didn’t have enough to pay the expenses of my accommodation. And coincidentally, he was living in that city.

I talked to him, and he helped me by giving me his own bed space. The moment that happened, I realized the importance of patience and letting go of attitude.

That day I got my answer.

Patience Makes Success Possible

Have a look at your life.

Do you feel bad about yourself? Do you think that you are not conquering things? Are you holding regrets?

Why is that? It’s all because you do not have the patience to wait for success to happen to you.

Success demands you to wait for it. The one who keeps on working hard every day without seeing significant results daily wins in the end.

It’s patience that makes success possible for us. It’s impatience that ruins our opportunities from us.

Ignore the Emotional Responses

Taking decisions based on our emotions will lead to regrets. Why? Because emotions are volatile.

Feelings change from situation to situation.

Making promises when you are happiest or sharing your top secrets with an illusion of trust in the other person will lead to outcomes that will make you cry and regret.



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