Learn to Use the Worry and Then Be Free From Being Worried

It is possible not to be worried and still solve your problem

Muhammad Fazal


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Worry only doubles the intensity of fear, doubt, and hopelessness. It doesn’t push us forward but robs us of acting positively at the moment.

Worry doesn’t show us a way but blurs every possible way to success. It doesn’t solve the problem but makes it a bigger problem than it is.

The thoughts of worry will come into our minds, but we must use them to see and scrutinize our lives. We should not stay worried but immediately ask, “What am I worried about? What am I missing?”

And then when we find the solution, we must begin the right action immediately without wasting time staying worried.

Do Not Stay in a State Of Worry

Worry has come for a reason.

You are probably not earning enough, maybe you are not working as hard as you should be, or perhaps you are being irresponsible in your life.

There must be something wrong with something, which is why you are experiencing the thoughts of worry.

It’s inevitable. The mind will throw the thoughts of worry, but we have to be solution-oriented. We should not stay in the thoughts of fear.

We must find the solution for the thing and begin to take the right actions, and work on the solutions immediately.

The goal should be to use the worry and not to be worried.

Some Thoughts Should Always Be Ignored

Some edibles should never be eaten; Some drinks should never be tasted. Some people must never own space in your head.

Similarly, some thoughts should always be ignored. The thoughts that something bad will happen in the future, the thoughts about other people, and similar different kinds of thoughts.

Most of the things in life will always be out of your control, and understanding it gives us enough energy, focus, and intelligence at the moment to give attention to the most important things happening in the current situation of life.



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