Learn What to Think and What Not To Think

Not every kind of thinking is helpful for us

Muhammad Fazal
3 min readApr 19, 2022


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Not every thought is a good thought for us.

Such as the thought about what people will think about me, what if I don’t succeed, or success is difficult.

Did you see the pattern? These above thoughts and other similar to that kind of thoughts are about the things you can’t control.

Or in other words, you should always think about the things you can control.

Thoughts like I should go for a run now, what can I do at this moment, how can I be a better version of myself today, and so on.

You Can’t Control The Future

Can you fast forward one hour from this current moment? You can’t.

You do not know what will happen an hour from this moment. Will your video get viral, or will you experience a disaster you don’t know?

So let the future take control of its decisions. Let the future decide for itself. You don’t get worried about it because you can’t do anything.

The good or bad in the future will happen, and your thinking is not going to change it.

You Control This Moment

Do not let this moment get ruined by thoughts about the future.

You have the freedom, choice, and opportunity in this very moment to do anything. Would you let it go? Would you waste the privilege to control this moment and choose to do what you want to do?

The moment you are thinking about the future (thinking about the things you can’t control), you are snatching the opportunity from yourself to make an impact at this moment.

The task at hand is more important than the uncertain future event.

This moment is all you got. Make it your own.

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