Maybe You Are Not Trying Hard

When you say you have been trying hard, ask yourself again

Muhammad Fazal


Photo by Jordan Whitfield on Unsplash

There is a reason why someone has done something you wanted to do, and you haven’t got it done yet.

There could be uncountable measures contributing to their success, but one is at the top.

They are trying hard and never leaving a single chance to hold the regrets of not trying something that might work.

Success comes when you attract it with your hard work and dedication.

When you are really up to something, the world could sense, and people who tell you that you couldn’t do it go silent for a moment.

They can sense your dedication to proving them wrong. You get your success before you succeed when you please yourself with dedication.

Trying Hard Means Trying Really Hard

You might be at ease and doing so little, but you might be telling yourself that you are doing so much.

People do not even work 10% of their potential and tell themselves and others that they work so hard.

The only reason you have not gotten it done yet is that you are not giving it more time than you think you can give it.

You are not surpassing your own limitations you have set for yourself in your mind.

Do more than you think you can do, and that is how you will get success in life quicker and faster.

Hate ease and love discomfort.

That is how you can achieve wonderful things in life.

The Human Mind Is All About Training

When you train yourself to push hard when you do not feel like working hard, guess what? That will become your second nature.

When you train yourself to lie on the bed and keep on hitting the snooze button until you reach the brink of the minute, that behavior becomes your part.



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