No One’s Life Is Perfect

Life has got everybody busy with their unique challenges

Muhammad Fazal
4 min readApr 21, 2022


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When do we get happy? We get happy by ignoring the problems in our lives for a momentary time.

Life is not the way we see it in Instagram.

Have you ever thought about some uncertain future event, and then comes a call from your friend, you pick it up, recall old funny memories and begin to laugh?

What is constant in our lives? Problems.

When you think that your life has become excellent, it’s just the problems are negligibly insignificant or you are trying to avoid them.

Happiness is just another name for forgetting the pain.

The Suffering

Don’t think that life will be free of all the sufferings, challenges, and problems.

They will come as long as you are alive and breathing in this giant blue ball.

The great athlete is worried about whether he will be able to pay for his mansion’s rent or not. The billionaire is concerned about whether the new product will succeed or be a disaster.

The student is overthinking whether he will be able to crack his exam or not.

The growth is painful. It will always be. Newness brings pain, suffering, and a new challenge with it. That’s life, baby.

But Here Is The Catch

Living an exemplary life is an illusion. But living a near to exemplary life requires smartness about putting problems into their proper place.

See, some problems do require attention. But some do not. A few problems will be urgent, and others may be significant.

Every life is a different story, so every life is a mixture of different problems.

I don’t know what you are going through in your life. But still, if you sit with yourself, you will find the answer.

We all have this built-in smartness about seeing whether it’s good to think and waste our precious energies on the future event or not.

The suggestion that other people give us, almost 95% percent of those, are the ones that we know already.



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