Nobody Can Make Anyone Happy

It is essential that you feel unhappy when not working hard on yourself

Muhammad Fazal


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Attaching happiness to the things outside your control is the ultimate form of imprisonment because now others hold all the powers.

They can control your mood, change your natural behavior, and navigate your entire life in a particular direction where you do not want to go.

When your happiness comes from your actions, habits, choices, or whatever you do, then that is what we call freedom.

Mental peace is possible only when your happiness is entirely driven by what you do in your life, not what others do.

Here is how to make the powers accessible to you always.

How Hard You Work On Yourself

The energy, time, and attention you give to yourself and to build you into a competitive human being are what will define your self-esteem.

Avoiding the world’s noise and focusing on yourself is the sure-fire way to access happiness and peace.

It is essential that you feel unhappy when not working hard on yourself

People who do not work hard on themselves beg attention, love, and care from others and expect others to treat them well no matter how miserable they are in their lives.

The hard work you do on yourself will set the level of happiness you will experience.

Without working hard on yourself, there exists no happiness and self-satisfaction.

Stop Begging for Attention

Most people give away all their self-esteem and self-respect to the other person because they think that begging is the solution.

Begging is what it is. It’s begging. It’s unattractive.

Nobody wants to hang around with a person who is hungry for love. Everybody wants a fulfilled human being in their lives.

People are half full, and they are looking for someone who can fill the rest of the missing part of their lives.



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