Nobody Is Thinking About You

Stop doing this to save most of your time and energies in a day

Muhammad Fazal


Photo by JD Mason on Unsplash

From our very roots, we all are humans. We all have insecurities and personal challenges to overcome.

We all are weak and strong. We all are miserable at some point in our lives, and we gain phenomenal success at another area of our lives.

When you know this, you will be at peace. You will stop thinking about what other people are thinking about you.

Because you will realize that everybody has some moments in their lives for which they feel embarrassed.

It’s okay. You are not unique, and not everyone else is. We all are mammals. We all are animals. So do not overthink it.

It’s Just They Are Good At Hiding

David Goggins said beautifully in an interview that everybody is f*cked up, and it’s just they have hidden their f*cked up world better than you have.

Deep down, we all are weak and imperfect. Some of us do not share it, and we think someone else’s life is perfect.

They upload photos after taking hours to edit them, change places, and make the right pose to hide their downside from the world.

Everybody is busy fixing the insecurities and issues of their own Life. You know this fact and do not take them all seriously.

Take risks, be vulnerable, own yourself, and have a dare to try new things. Do not be afraid of what other people are thinking about you.

Life has got them busy fixing their unique issues. You focus on yours and play your own game.

Get Worried About the Big Stuff

Imagine that you are studying for your final exam due tomorrow. The preparation is not so good. You are locked in the room and studying hard, sensing the lack of chances of passing the exam.

You studied for an hour or two and turned on the internet WiFi of your phone just to relax, and you receive messages from your friend who is hospitalized, and you are the only one who could save his Life.

What would you do? Of course, if you are human, you will go out and help him no matter…



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