Nobody Loves a Loser, Not Even A Mother

Become successful before winning the hearts of others and gaining attention

Muhammad Fazal
3 min readFeb 26, 2022


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There comes a natural difference in a mother’s love amongst her children when one child is more successful and caring than the other.

Mom always likes the child who is more loving, caring, successful, or else.

Even mothers bring calculations in love when it comes to which son is doing well in his life and working hard.

So how can you expect yourself to love yourself when you are not working hard on yourself.

Nobody likes to live in a dirty place. Everybody wants a bigger pie.

How can you expect others to love you when you are not working hard on yourself.

It would help if you had to give before expecting something to gain.

Believe it or not but this world works with exchanges.

Success Is Naturally Attractive

Don’t you want to live in a beautiful house?

Don’t you want to have a nice car that is comfortable and serene when you go to the office?

What if your kids study in the most elite schools and colleges?

See, everyone is attracted toward the fun, entertainment, and joy.

Nobody wants to be sad by choice.

Everybody wants to be happy, and there is no doubt that success brings happiness in life.

Success is very important in life.

Become successful before begging for respect and attention from the people.

Please Do Not Blame Them; You Are Equally Greedy

I have a friend who feels bad about the girl and calls her names because she left him for a more successful person.

For a moment, I was on his side and thinking negatively about that girl.

But soon after the conversation was over and I got some time to contemplate things, I got the notion.

I realized that we all are greedy. We all want a person we think…



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