Now Or Never

The harsh truth to digest

Muhammad Fazal
3 min readApr 21, 2022


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Most of the opportunities, people, passions, and chances come from a limited offer.

The young age, energy, enthusiasm, and inspiration never take too long to deplete.

This time is never going to come back. If you have an excuse today, you will also find a much bigger excuse tomorrow.

Maybe tomorrow life will get more difficult for you; perhaps this is the prime time to attack your dreams and make those dreams come true.

Here is the thing: Life in waiting gets more difficult. But life on continuous action and movement gets easier and better.

You Are Not Born to Sit Idle

The body is made to be worked on. Mind is there to use and to make it sharp.

Life’s very nature is to be part of the momentum. It demands action; It requires work. It doesn’t want us to stay in one position.

Most people are not willing to accept the change and newness that comes with success, so they are not taking action.

They want life to be stagnant; They don’t want to go out and try a few things. They don’t want to move a muscle. In other words, they are working against the very nature of life, which is movement.

Begin With Whatever You Have Got

You will get better only at the work you do the most. Who says that you have to be perfect to be successful?

It’s just you have to get started with whatever you have got.

There are numerous books written on starting a business with low-budget or almost no money. Many artists just left their homes and got their unique answers.

True destinations often meet without plans.

So it’s just you begin. Or, if I am accurate, dive without any plans. Taste it. Fail at it. Go back to that stable place, make a plan, and then attack with the preparations. The key is to gain momentum.

Keep Moving

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