Often Your Body Posture Decides Your State of Confidence

Body language has a lot to do with feeling confident and happy

Muhammad Fazal


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Try this: smile for 1 minute; Hit the stopwatch and do it. Stay there in that posture, and soon that bodily forced smile will turn into a genuine feeling of happiness.

Why? Because the body can also send the signal to the mind.

Confidence doesn’t come from affirmation only. Not always a motivation speech; you will need to boost your confidence. It can also come from your body language.

The way you sit, stand, and walk has a lot to do with feeling genuinely confident.

Do Not Bend Your Back

Sit and stand straight, with your chin high.

We get so much involved in things that we forget how we are standing in our busy lives.

How we are holding ourselves at the moment. We often get lost in the work that we bent on the screen; we forget how unattractive our body language is in the moment.

The way we walk shows how we will face the challenges of our lives. Most people walk with their chin dropping to the surface of the earth. That’s the body language of the failure.

Walk straight, get your shoulders back, and behave as if you have already won the war. Only this kind of body language will ensure that you will confidently face everything in your day.

Loosen Your Body Muscle

Tightening your body muscles contracts your body, leading to a state of fearfulness.

Your body feels that the danger is almost there, and you are always vulnerable. On the other hand, when you leave your body loose, your brain thinks everything is easy.

There is no danger so let’s act to our full potential. Let’s act confidently.

Observe this: The next time you sit in front of your pc to do the work, see if there is any unnecessary tension in the body or not. See if your muscles are loose or tightly packed.

If they are tight, then loosen your muscles. Relax and then work. Confidence will always come when you are mentally relaxed and peaceful.



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