One Truth Every Human Being Tries to Hide From Others but Shouldn’t Hide From Himself

Truth works as an autopilot feature in your self-improvement journey

Muhammad Fazal
4 min readJun 18, 2022


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Living with false hopes makes us feel better.

No matter how miserable we are from the inside, we still tell ourselves that we are doing good. Why? Because we think that this way, we are practicing self-love.

Being optimistic about living the life of a loser is the height of negativity.

We hide this secret from others. We do not want to show that we are miserable, so we wear makeup or a mask of happiness.

But here is the thing: You must be brutally honest about how less you are doing in your life because if you don’t tell the truth, life will slap you.

Let’s Scrutinize Yourself for A Moment

Are you happy with the way you are living your life?

Don’t say yes just because one day you meet your best friends or your parents bought you a new phone.

I’m asking about you are happy with the way you are doing things in your life? Does your happiness come from within? From the hard work, you put on yourself?

If yes, congrats. You may leave. But if not, you must know this.

One day you will die, but you know what? You will have wasted the near-unlimited potential given to you as a human being.

Do you see all the successful people out there? Your eyes get twinkled just by looking at their success. But you know, they didn’t reach half of their true potential.

As human beings, we do not know what we can do, achieve, and create through our human potential.

And you know what the sad news is? You are wasting that extraordinary potential given to you as a human being.

Begin Your Day With The Truth

Tell yourself the truth if you fail due to addictions, procrastination, and other bad habits.

Most people fail because they avoid telling the truth to themselves for their entire life.



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