Our Problems Are Always Smaller Than Other People’s Problems

That’s how we snatch the problems’ power to hijack our minds

Muhammad Fazal
3 min readApr 12, 2022


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Fortunately, our mind loves to play the comparison game.

His car is better than mine; he is more successful than me, I have a bigger house than he has, and so on.

Most of our happiness and sadness are dependent on how we choose to compare. If we decide to compare our house with the homeless person, we will be grateful, but if we compare our home with Elon Musk’s, then the chances are that we will be sad about our possessions.

Our Problems

Problems are no different.

Every person has a problem. Some are going through a divorce, others fight a deadly disease, and some have children who always create trouble in the house.

Big or small, that is another story, but everybody has problems. We all are being tested by life.

But the issue is that we think that our problems are inevitable and too difficult to face.

We say to the world, “Fine. I can understand that your problems are difficult but you do not know how does it feel when my dog refuse to eat a morsel of the meal.”

We Think We Are Special

It’s our self-obsession and self-absorption that have caused us the issues.

We think that we are one of the most special people. We believe that we should be treated well. That our problems are bigger than the world’s problems.

No matter if war breaks out in some country in the world, we will keep on thinking about the raise, winning monetarily from the neighbor, etc.

Our petty problems are precious to us. Always. Why? Because we are special. Our problems are unique and special.

Sit Back, Relax, and Think Again

Do you think your not-getting-raise-in-the-company problem is more important than someone dying being the only person who earns in the family?

Do you think owning a small…



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