Patience and Peace Come With Knowing the Limitations of a Human Being

Most things are out of our control, which becomes the reason why we live our lives peacefully

Muhammad Fazal
3 min readFeb 18, 2022


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We didn’t choose the place of our birth.

Weather conditions are completely out of our control.

We do not know if we work our ass off to prepare ourselves to gain a gold medal in the Olympics, and a war breaks out.

There will always be some measures that we can’t control.

Knowing our limitations also helps us in bringing peace to our lives. It gives us patience.

You Are Not Responsible for Most of The Things

You are not responsible for how this planet earth rotates in the solar system.

You are not responsible for aligning the stars in the sky.

All you are responsible for is for this human being to make it mold according to the circumstances and give your best.

You are responsible for yourself and what you do in a given moment.

Looking at the living process, you will realize that most things are easy to do.

Success is not that difficult, and living your dreams is not that difficult the way we have perceived them.

We make things difficult for ourselves by overthinking and attaching different useless thoughts and ideas to simple things.

If you begin to take and see things as they are and take the necessary actions, then it’s super easy to win anything in life.

Just be responsible for the things that could be in your control. That will bring peace to your life.

But There Is an Exception

Do you think we would have been able to fly planes in the sky without out-of-the-box thinking?

The challenge is a fine line difference between perceiving possible things as impossible and…



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