Practice a No-Thinking Hour Daily With a Stopwatch, and Your Life Will Change Forever

Read this if you can’t stop thinking about future events you can’t control

Muhammad Fazal
4 min readMay 15, 2022


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I have seen a lot of people in my life who constantly think about future events they can’t control and get worried about them.

They think something in the future will happen which will ruin their life forever.

I’m saying you are thinking too less. Something much more disastrous can happen that you can’t even think of. But yes, there are equal chances that it can never happen.

So why does only happening of that adverse event attract us and gain all of our attention? Why don’t we think that it can never happen too?

The answer is: We want a thrill. The smoothness of life is too boring for us. Peace of mind is too boring for us. People want chaos. Serene and silence make them uncomfortable.

The solution: You have to practice being comfortable with silence, no thinking, and built-in peace of life already residing inside you.

Here is how to access it.

Here Is How to Practice No-Thinking Hour Every Single Day

All you have to do is hit the stopwatch for one hour every day, see the timer running, and then commit to not thinking for one hour.

You may do the dishes, cook the meal for your kids, talk to your friends and do everything that you can do, but you are committed for that one hour to not thinking outside of the activity that you are doing.

Usually, it happens to us that we write, but we think about whether it will go viral or not. We build something, and we consider whether it will make some money or people will buy it or not.

Sure. Slight worry and fear are healthy. It gives us a way to think. It creates a healthy sense of urgency that stops us from being out of the track. That’s great.

But the problem is that it always gets out of our control. So practicing that no-thinking hour daily with the stopwatch in front of your face will give you control over your mind.



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