Prove Everybody Wrong; Include Yourself

Go against your initial mediocre thoughts

Muhammad Fazal


Photo by Milad Fakurian on Unsplash

We are the worst critic of ourselves and the best praisers of others. You know what’s dangerous? The people we praise and value aren’t worthy of it all.

Look around, 90% of the people living around you are average, struggling and battling with addictions, and suffering from lack of self-esteem, self-respect, and self-discipline.

The problem is that we accept their suggestions in our lives. We think they are more intelligent than us when they say you can’t do it. Or it’s hard. Or life is full of misery. They lack courage and tell us to be coward like them.

Worst of all is that eventually their average narrative becomes our self-talk and we end up living an average life and die average at the end. How sad.

Here is the Solution

Accept that all that is in your mind is garbage. Prove every limiting believe as wrong. When you think you can’t wash your clothes because you are coming from work and it was a long day, prove it wrong. Wash your clothes.

Mind has been training with the mediocre people. Prove your mind wrong. Go and wash your clothes. And when you are done. Say it to your mind, “You were wrong. From now on, I will give you all the commands.”

Prove your average-self wrong. Go against your laziness, mediocrity, and excuses. Do the difficult things that your mind says you shouldn’t do because you are tired or whatever.

Acting this way over the years, will make you a winner. And all the mediocre people will ask, “How did you do it?”

I’m sure your answer will be, “Simple. I just picked myself up and did it while you all were thinking and negotiating with your mind for that seemingly difficult task.”

Prove yourself wrong by doing exactly opposite of your thoughts which are full of excuses.



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