Rise Above Sadness Before You Aim For Success

Your fear of facing sadness stops you from reaching the heights of success

Muhammad Fazal
4 min readFeb 17, 2022


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Maybe you have not started your business because you think that you will face failures and eventually be sad.

We all turn a blind eye to the fact that sadness is the surface where happiness grows.

If you could stand the sight of sadness, you can win anything.

You are the most powerful when you can be comfortable and keep on fighting in the most hopeless and sad moments in life.

Nothing can break you if you can handle the moments of hopelessness, sadness, and failures.

Embrace the Sadness to Gain Power

Do you know why half or more than half of the people couldn’t reach their true potential?

They are afraid of sadness. They worry about their parents’ thoughts if they try something new and lose money.

Their sadness becomes the reason to shun all the opportunities in their lives.

The fear of losing something is more powerful than the excitement and happiness of getting something.

Most people let their wildest dreams go in vain because they fear the judgments.

People are afraid of sadness; that makes them not take risks and do something significant in life.

Risks will always come with a certain amount of unhappiness. There is always a certain amount of doubt in the most significant things.

You can’t do something big in life if you can not push yourself to rise above, even a certain amount, of fears.

You have to take risks and put things at stake and have patience, hope, and faith in the tough times to get fruitful results.

To live a proud life, you have not to be afraid of the roller coaster ride.

Life’s Very Nature Is Uncertain

I think it’s a stupid idea that we always look for certainty in our lives.



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