Satisfaction Is in Proving Yourself Wrong

It’s in working when you think you have no energy left to work

Muhammad Fazal
4 min readApr 30, 2022


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There will come a time in your life when you will feel like giving up. Giving up on your business idea, giving up because the age is gone, giving up on doing more because you think you have done enough.

The average person would choose what seems to be a reasonable choice. To reply tit for tat, get over-identified with how he is feeling in the moment, and give up working more or pushing forward.

That’s where success draws the line. This moment makes history or gives birth to another average human being.

The winners choose to go forward. They take the challenge of pushing themselves and seeing whether still, they can write the code while their eyes are sleepy?

They are curious enough to know whether their mind is lying to them or not.

They are willing to prove the preconceived notions wrong. They delay the judgement and postpone their decision for a while; they keep going to see if they can still do more while feeling tired.

That’s how legends are born.

You Are Always Wrong in the Following Situation

Let’s say you are doing the job you hate to do. You are doing it to fill the stomach of the dependent people on you.

You leave home early and come home late. You are unhappy. Now, one day you heard the concept of side hustle, you talked to your friends regarding it, and you came to know a few people in your circle are doing it.

You got interested, read about it, and came to know that it is possible. It’s possible to make some extra money, and that money could help you make the escape plan from the job you hate to do.

Here is the deal: You come home late and tired from work. You have worked on a few side hustles which don’t pay you much. Now you lose the motivation and give excuses that it’s impossible to build a side hustle alongside a 9 to 5 job. Guess what? You are wrong.

When you think that you have no energy left and your eyes are dozy, and you can’t push yourself, guess what? You are wrong.



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