Set a Goal So Stupid That It Snatches All Procrastination

Target stars if you want to reach the moon

Muhammad Fazal
3 min readDec 12, 2021


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Scrutinizing my life, I came across the reason for my regrets: Lack of self-control.

I don’t want to put forward every nitty-gritty, but I know that from delaying the task of brushing before bed to being late in the office and giving excuses of having no time to talk to my family.

The reason for my failures boils down to lacking the ability to control myself.

My goal nowadays is this: I want to reach the peak of self-control — the summit of self-control that nobody has climbed before.

This goal keeps me up late in the night to write this article.

Target Stars if You Want to Reach The Moon

The student’s enthusiasm becomes apparent by the scores he wishes to hit in the exams.

A group of pupils who studies to pass the exam fail. But the one who looks to hit the top score reaches beside the highest ranks.

When your target is too low, you have already lost even if you win.

Yes, you have lost to know what your true potential was.

Goals must be so big that you have both doubt and belief when you begin to work on them. Doubt because it has never been done before and confidence even in the slightest possibility of getting it done.

If you want to reach big, aim biggest.

If the Goal Doesn’t Reduce Your Sleep Time, It Is Not Worth Keeping

It must create chaos.

Your goals should be high enough to make you feel bad about yourself when you are in your comfort zone.

When your goal is to be the best player in the world, your actions, thinking, and perspective of life will change to see yourself as a different person.

You will not compare yourself with the ordinary players; your competition will be those top players who work their butt off to maintain the rank.



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