Sometimes an Old Friend Is Enough to Heal Your Wounds

Harvard researched the people to find out which people live a happy life, and here is what they found

Muhammad Fazal


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The research was thorough and went on for multiple years to ensure satisfying outcomes for people living happy lives.

Do you know what came out to be the answer?

Money, fame, partying, none of these but relationships.

Yes. People whose relationships were healthy and strong were the happiest people.

In today’s time of Instagram filters, we are all about wearing happy masks in front of the camera and running after fame and money.

Our whole education system is full of science and finance education. We gain years of schooling to secure the future.

Very few people in the world talk about how to enrich your relationships. How to deepen the bond with your friends, family, and the people with whom you come to interact daily.

Sadly enough, an essential aspect of our lives got sidelined by the education system.

Anyways, let me share my personal story on how an old friend saved my life.

I Was Suffering From Depression

I am a firm believer in hard work and dedication.

I have always sought my potential in my work ethic, but recently, after working so hard on my goals and getting fairly excellent output from my efforts still, I was unsatisfied and hollow.

I was feeling overwhelmed and depressed despite doing what I love to do.

So I thought, let’s take a break and call someone I haven’t talked to for years.

So I called one of my college friends. Since he is not habitual of receiving calls recently as he has no one to call nowadays, he is usually away from his cell phone.

Anyways, he finally picked my call after a lengthy trial, and we started laughing instantly and recalling some hilarious memories regarding professors, students, and other secret incidents.

He thought how on earth I found time for him because seldom it happens that I call him without any…



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