Success Is About What You Do, Not What You Say Or Think

Stop living in your imagination

Muhammad Fazal
3 min readApr 14, 2022


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Forming a recipe in one’s mind is what everyone does. It’s too easy to think that you can or will make money, have a big house, and be the best in your craft.

But the real test starts when you are working, sweating, and shivering. When you are in the tunnel, you do not see the light on the other side.

Your persistence, determination, and courage are tested when you are experiencing an unexpected situation when you are on the voyage and facing the ocean’s tides.

It Is Easy to Sing Songs of Courage From A Distance

It’s so easy to hold the sword in your hands and not shiver while there is no threat of war. But it’s all a different story on the battlefield.

Everyone thinks that they can do everything until they are tested. Before running on the track, cooking the meal, doing a 9 to 5 job, and writing a book, everyone thinks that it will not be that difficult.

You can’t completely understand and soak into the feeling of heartbreak, the pressure of facing the enemy on the battlefield, the risk of losing everything in the business with a small mistake, etc.

It’s so easy to assume that you can do everything before trying it.

Winners Do Not Live In Their Heads; They Live In Real-Life

Maybe you assume that other people can do it so that you can do it too. But it’s true. There is no doubt that you can do it too. But not by living in your head.

Top players play in a way that you assume that it’s super easy, that they kickball so effortlessly and hit the goal, and you think you can do it too.

No. It’s not. Those players have practiced that move thousands of times in real life, not in their minds. That’s why you think it’s easy. It’s not.

Stop making too many plans because, in the end, you can’t estimate everything by sitting on your couch all day. There will be unknowns. You will…



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