Success Is Looking For Someone Who Could Impress Her; Make Sure That Person Is You

The only way to attract success toward you is by you becoming attractive

Muhammad Fazal
3 min readJun 17, 2022


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Jim Rohn once said, “Success is something you attract by the person you become.”

First of all, define what success for you is? Is it being a successful writer, painter, artist, scientist, or what?

Once you have decided what success means, ask yourself, “Are you working like hell in your chosen craft?”

Are you the master of your work? Do you awake and work while everybody else is sleeping?

Look, success is like that beautiful girl looking for the best person she thinks deserves her.

So are you that person?

Chase Yourself Instead of Chasing Success

People wish to be successful sooner. They are looking for a way to achieve the success which doesn’t make them suffer more. They want the easier route.

Do you know where it leads? Filters of the Instagram.

They suddenly look younger, beautiful, and more intelligent just by applying filters, so why should they struggle to achieve success in the first place.

This happens when you chase success without chasing yourself.

See the inner demons residing inside you. You have to overcome them. Doing that will let success know that someone is working on himself to make him the best, and by learning, success gets attracted to you.

The more you work on yourself; the more success will come to you. The more you work on the win, the more it will run away from you.

Confusing? Let’s understand it this way.

My Friend’s Love Story

They both loved each other.

Made promises that they would never leave. But the underlying conditions were applied. Of course, the boy has to be stable enough to earn to good living for his wife and kids.

Everything was going well. The boy was giving way more attention to the girl that he almost forgot to work on his finances, health, and well-being.



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