Take a Trip to The Fear

Instead of running away, visualize it and see how you can face it with courage

Muhammad Fazal


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Your role model, the world’s strongest man, and whoever you think is your ideal personality hold some form of fears too.

We humans are not perfect. Some are good at monetary success, but they are a failure in relationships.

Some are good at relationships, but they struggle with making money. Life has caught everyone in some form of challenge.

But there is no issue in facing the challenges of life. The issue is you are fearful even before the snake is in front of your eyes. You worry a thousand times before it becomes a reality or never becomes a reality.

You are suffering in your mind before the event happens in reality. That’s the trap.

Meet The Fear

You are fearful because your imagination is not complete. You visualize something happening and go into an alarming state.

But the thing you are required to do is that you stay in that situation. You stand there for a long time. You be in that position in your mind and see what fear can do to you.

The chances are that your worst fears will never make it to reality. They will remain an illusion for your entire lifespan.

But to show the gesture of bravery. Let’s practice courage. Let us be in a mental state of fear and figure out a way to overcome it.

Let’s turn the fear into the courage.

The thought of fear has not come into your mind to make you afraid it has come to your mind to practice courage, prepare you, and make you aware that you should be more present and should be doing the right things.

So instead of running away from the fear, stay in that thought, see what worst can happen, and see yourself overcoming that in your mind.

The catch: The point of this activity is not to expect that fear or the worst situation to happen in your real life, but it is to practice courage. Because the chances are that it will never happen, but why ruin this moment, even if that moment never becomes a reality in our lives? Being fearful, why not turn the mental movie of fear into



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