The Feeling of Not Wanting to Work Is Your Alarm to Take Action

Let’s Make Your Dreams a Reality; Enough Is Enough

Muhammad Fazal
3 min readJan 6, 2022


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Make today the day to say enough is enough.

Let it be the moment to say goodbye to your comfort zones. Treat your laziness as a trigger to act on your dreams.

The secret to success: Successful people do things, especially when they are most unwilling to act.

There is nothing special about them except the above secret that I shared.

They are humans like you, they have insecurities and weakness inside them, but they act despite all odds and tend to not to procrastinate. That’s the difference between you and them.

Let’s Be Among the Peak Performers

Repeat this; enough is enough.

Do you want to see the dreams in your mind, or do you want to show the world what you have in your mind by giving your dreams the shape of reality? What’s more fascinating?

The latter is fascinating, and I hope you choose the same.

There is nothing more exciting than bringing your dreams into reality and showing the world what you are made off with your actions, not your words.

Peak performers numb their minds to any pleasures and sweetness until they haven’t done the work.

Bitterness is their playground. They embrace and dive in the suck to create something worthwhile in their life.

They know that pleasures are not going anywhere, and they will get one if they work their ass off right now and postpone all the cheap and immediately available pleasures.

Peak performers know that if they avoid watching the TV Show today and work hard on their dreams, they will get to meet their TV stars in person one day.

The average person does the exact opposite. Delaying the gratification is not in his dictionary. All he knows is that whatever and however cheap or low-quality pleasure is available right now. Let’s grab it and forget the work for a while.

Tiredness Is the…



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