The Mind Is What You Have Trained It To Be

Some people are cowards, but others are brave; Training makes the difference between the two

Muhammad Fazal
3 min readApr 6, 2022


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Some minds do not like to work, but other minds are like Elon Musk.

Two people live in the same place but possess different mindsets. It’s all about what information you feed your mind.

Your mind doesn’t like to work? Fine. You can do certain things: reading a book, listening to podcasts, changing friends’ company, and so on.

You may need a few more things, but eventually, you can train your mind the way you want it to be.

How Are You Training Your Mind

Do you take a cold shower in the mornings? Are you doing the work when you are least motivated? Are you saving the money for the greater good?

Or if we talk about small things. Do you make your bed as you wake up? Pass a smile to your family members? Walk straight and read more about improving body language?

See, it’s all about how you push your mind. Where do you nudge it and give it a direction?

Being the monk or the master workaholic is all in your hands. It’s all in your hands how you train your mind to be.

Train It to Be Tough

If the mind is what we train it to be, why not train it to be more challenging, stronger, better, and more significant.

Why not teach it a few lessons about resilience, patience, and acceptance. Why not make it do the difficult things that other people are unwilling to do.

The more you break the patterns of laziness, lack of motivation to act, and getting angry over small things, the better you will train your mind to overcome these detrimental things easily in the future.

Greatness Is All About Training

No one is extraordinary by birth; People have worked on themselves. They have taught their minds some great lessons.

They have set a few boundaries that do not allow their minds to cross. They give what mind demands: pleasures. But in limits.



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