The Truth: Some Side-Hustles Do Not Work for You; Accept This Fact and Move on

Don’t cry and be flexible; There are other ways to earn money

Muhammad Fazal
3 min readJun 23, 2022


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If you have an artistic mind, you shouldn’t choose astronomy for a living, no matter how interesting it sounds.

Many people, just by watching content creators’ success stories, choose certain side-hustles and begin to work on them.

They spend years working on it but still don’t make enough money. The worst is that they, following the most prominent advice, “Keep publishing more,” never give up and keep publishing more irrelevant content on the platform.

The advice to follow: Stop being a child. You are an adult now.

Some Ways of Making Money Do Not Just Work For You

Zulie Rane is one of the most famous writers on this platform. She earns thousands of dollars every month.

But do you know she never did well on YouTube? She also tried Instagram, but that didn’t work for her.

One of my friends confessed that Fiver is not for her as a freelancing platform. I got angry with her. Deep down, I thought, you are not trying your best.

Which could be true or could be not.

But the good news is that she is running her café, which is doing well for her.

See, some things don’t just work for you. Imagine that if everything worked for everybody. The world would have been the too dull place to live.

I hate to do a 9 to 5 job. Some people love it. This is the world that accepts every different color, including yours too.

Understand that something doesn’t just work for you, and move on. Find some other ways to achieve your desired success goal.

Spend 1 Year and Then Slowly Become Flexible

Things don’t cook fast. Give them some time. 1 year probably.

Pick one side-hustle, work on it for a year and then, if it doesn’t seem to work for you, choose to do something else along with it.



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