The Words You Listen to or Use Form Your Personality

The best part is that you will choose bad words or good words, which means the blame is on you

Muhammad Fazal


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It’s nearly impossible to do something significant if you are wandering and roaming with losers.

We are social animals. We learn through imitation.

We become the best at what we repeatedly do. People often mistake success as a hard-working process which is partly true.

But mostly, it’s about the environmental influence.

If you walk with Top players, the chances are that you will become one.

So carefully choose your gathering because the words they throw out of their mouth will impact your life in one way or another.

No Excuse Because We Have Internet Access

Maybe you could say that you do not have any successful person or a role model around you.

You could be taking the birthplace as an excuse for not doing worthy things in life.

But that is what it is. It’s just an excuse.

In today’s times, no matter what corner of the world we are living in right now, it doesn’t matter.

As long as we have internet access, we can choose our company online.

There are tons of books that you can read about the most successful person in the world.

You can listen to podcasts and videos of the top achievers to get the notion of what mindset they have.

If you are willing to do something in today’s times, you will find an opportunity to do it everywhere you go.

Things are much easier today than ever before.

So if you do not get what you exactly want in your life, then it’s completely your fault.

It shows your non-seriousness and lack of dedication to your dreams and goals.

Nothing Is Perfect

I have lost all of my good friends due to my bad behavior.



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