The World Will Adjust According to Your Mind Automatically

You be stubborn and stick to your values, mindset, and dreams

Muhammad Fazal
3 min readMar 15, 2022


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Fighting, having a few conflicts and clashes, and being stubborn is also a part of living a beautiful and balanced life.

It’s essential to stand for some cause. Life will let you alone and empty if you do not follow your callings.

It takes a lot of things, but the crux of standing for something is courage.

Courage is very crucial to avoid the regrets of life.

Make it a habit to fight for your unique call.

You are different from other people. Own your uniqueness.

It Won’t Be Easy Initially

It will take time for people to understand you. Newness is not readily accepted amongst ordinary people.

People like the comfort that comes with certainty. It’s super hard for them to handle the suspense of life.

They want assurance that someone is there to take responsibility for their failures.

But as it is the quality of the human being, people adjust to the trends that some courageous people set.

A human being, like water, takes any shape. They learn to live under any circumstances.

Give them some time, you work hard on your instincts, and they will say one day that you were right.

Do Not Let People Decide How You Will Live Your Life

Weirdly enough, people let strangers control their moods and thoughts and decide how to live their lives.

They hand over the keys to access happiness to other people. They become poppet. They laugh when others allow, and they cry when others command.

Mind is your weapon. If you control your mind, everything will be under control.

People could say numerous things about you, life throws all kinds of problems over you, or there is seemingly a problem-free life, but you…



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