There Is Space Between the Occurrence of Thought and the Processing of The Thought

A thought loses its power over you when you don’t choose to engage with it

Muhammad Fazal
3 min readNov 4, 2021


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Awareness between the occurrence of the thought and our engagement with the thought gives us control over our life.

Thoughts don’t become our reality. But the idea we choose to engage becomes our reality.

We have limitations to control what goes around us. We can’t change the people and the environment. But we can choose.

We can’t blame society and the people around us. We are given the ability by GOD to increase space between the occurrence of thought and processing of the thought.

Let’s call it the space of decision-making.

How to Increase the Space of Decision-Making

Our days are full of opportunities to practice increasing the space of decision-making.

For instance, when you reach home from a hectic day at work and your kids make noise due to their playful nature, a thought occurs to prevent them by scolding and shouting, which the majority of the people do.

In actuality, shouting at the kids is not normal, but it’s generally considered normal because it’s the story of every man in the house. Most people don’t understand that decision-making space and think whatever thought occurs in the brain is normal.

Anyways, what you can do is even if you want to scold them, do it after 1 minute. Chances are, within that 1 minute, you will begin to think of the other slightly less aggressive ways of responding to the situation.

You increase the decision-making space by making some deliberate delays in your decisions.

The more time you take making small decisions in a day, the more chances you have to make a better decision.

So the next time you choose to give an emotional response to your spouse, wait for a few seconds and take some time; the chances are that you will end up falling in love with each other during the arguments.

Why Do We Have a Small Decision-Making Space



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