There Will Come a Time When Nobody Will Be Around You to Support You, and That Is Time to Believe In Yourself

Dreams demand to sacrifice the company of mediocre people

Muhammad Fazal


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Life has the habit of throwing the most difficult challenges toward you and waiting to see if you deserve the more significant rewards by overcoming the challenges.

Sometimes life hits you in the head with a brick. Don’t lose faith ~ Steve jobs.

When it gets tough, don’t be sad but enjoy the toughness of life. Feel it and say, “I am standing here and I will be here tomorrow as well and the next day.”

Life Is Not Fun if It’s Not Tough

Let me say it bluntly that if you can’t digest the words, “Life is not fun if it’s not tough,” then you haven’t lived at the edge of things, and you give up easily.

Only the person who has reached the point when he thinks he should stop but doesn’t decide to stop is the person who can understand my words.

Nothing is more satisfying when your close ones lose hope and tell you to do something else and give up, and everybody says you can’t make it happen, but you prove them wrong through your hard work and dedication.

Top Achievers Are Alone at The Top

When you have mediocre goals, then you will have many people around you to support and cherish.

Mediocrity is appreciated in our world. But when you slightly choose to change your goals from mediocre to unique goals, you gradually begin to live a different life.

Most of the time, you are the only one who has to believe in yourself because mediocre people don’t understand your goals.

Top achievers are alone in the gym at 4 AM the morning. When you see a single person running on the tracks before even the sun rises, that is the alone top achiever far away from mediocrity.

Use the Words of Discouragement As Fuel

You will have haters and discourage people when working on something different that mediocre people don’t understand.



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