This Moment Is All You Got

Nothing else is in your hands

Muhammad Fazal
4 min readApr 28, 2022


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The mind is full of noise about the future and the past.

I will do this; if this happens, it will work, or it won’t work. Or he did this to me, why did I make that mistake; those moments were the best, and so on.

We love to play mental movies, whether about the past or the future. But the thing is that they both do not serve us at this moment.

However boring, however tasteless, or neutral, this moment is the moment of making an impact. However good or bad, this situation is all we have got.

Nothing else outside this moment can help us bring the best of us forward. This moment is the key. Nothing else matters the most than the decision we are making at this moment.

The reality is this moment; everything else is an illusion.

Dreaming Too Much Reduces Progress

The mind can’t find the difference between imagination and reality.

If you dream a lot, your mind will mistake it as living it in reality, so you will gradually lose the motivation to work hard.

So you choose to dream too much and live in your imaginary world. Why? Because working hard in real life requires sweating, and it isn’t easy.

The same is the case with recalling sweet memories. They don’t serve you well. They do not contribute to your life for the better, but worst, they snatch the opportunity to utilize this present moment for the better.

Focus on What You Can Do Now

However good or bad, the past is gone; it’s dead. It will never come back to you. So you should focus on this moment.

You should put all of your efforts, time, and attention into this very moment and use it so that you do not regret this moment in the future.

Leave your bed and go out running, write a computer program, make a business plan, and do whatever is necessary.

Remember to experience growth, you have to forget whether you feel like doing the work or not. You have to do it anyway. Push forward.



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