Tip for success: Do what you do not feel like doing

Your feelings are your enemies

Muhammad Fazal
2 min readApr 9, 2023
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Of course, the goal of life should be to live for others as well.

You have to take care of your family and have to have the feelings of care, love, and all kinds of other feelings.

But there are some other kinds of feelings that should be avoided at all costs. The feelings that say, “I know it’s good for me to do. But I do not feel like doing it.”

That feeling in that particular moment should be ignored at all costs if one wants to succeed.

So when you do not feel like washing your clothes, that’s the exact thing you should be doing.

When you do not feel like doing the work, that is the right time to initiate and do the work.

In the times, when everybody else is demotivated to do something and everyone else feels lazy, thinking of giving up, and run away.

That’s is the moment that will make the difference between you and them.

That’s the differentiator between the good and the great.

So are you doing the things that most of the people do not feel like doing? Are you good (average) or you are on your way to being the greatest?



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