Too Much Reading Is an Escape From Living and Experiencing Life Itself

Living is challenging but more adventurous than reading novels

Muhammad Fazal


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Firstly, I’m not against reading. Reading is the best source to educate your mind. I’m an avid reader myself.

But it makes me amazed that even too much reading can come with its side effects. Reading too much can also become like a drug that numbs your mind from the realities of life.

I would always like to be the first person to encourage you to read. But I would never inspire you to read tons of books and take it as an escape from facing life itself.

My Friend’s Heartbreak and Reading Story

One of my closest friends used to like a girl who was sure pretty. She had the guts to get any guy.

My friend, who was average in looks, also had the guts to impress a few girls, so he tried his luck on that pretty girl. Guess what? She didn’t pay much attention to him.

His efforts went in vain; He frequently had the love pangs. He was complaining, blaming, and so on.

Do you know what he did? He went to the same place where she used to sit and began reading books to show her that he was very intellectual and worthy of her attention.

He wasn’t working out, he wasn’t focusing on his academics, and he wasn’t doing the tough things that would improve his life.

But he was reading books that would hardly make his life better. Do you know what’s the worst? He took it as if he was improving his life by doing it.

Once again, I’m not against reading. But I’m against the way we take reading.

See, reading alone won’t improve your life. I would be much happier if someone read one book in his entire life and implemented that book entirely in his life.

Why? Because little life improvements open up ways for other improvements. The problem is that we are escaping from the realities of life and hiding behind the pages, and that alone won’t help us win in life.

It’s the implementation of those lessons that do the real magic. In short, do the difficult thing. Live your life more…



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