Train Yourself for Difficult Times

Be prepared because life is not going to be easy every day

Muhammad Fazal


Photo by Karsten Winegeart on Unsplash

When beautiful times comes in our lives, we get so busy in the celebration that we miss the essence of life: training.

Yes. Life is a training ground.

When we let go of the idea of constant improvement, then we set ourselves for the bumpy roads.

The truth about life is that it is difficult most of the time.

Our close ones will die, the money we earn through relentless hard work will get invested in some risky projects, we will face risks and greed of losing and getting more.

Life is tough on every step.

So we must better train ourselves for the difficult times in the moments of resourcefulness.

Start From The Mind

It’s not necessary that you go to the gym and get some weight or search on google about building an unbreakable shelter where we could hide.

No. We can start simple. We can start from the mind.

Just a simple thought of awareness and consciousness is enough to lay the strong surface for breeding strength to face the tough situations in life.

You can say like, “I am a human and a human can do anything. I am stronger and better prepared to face any challenge in life. I can overcome anything with my hard work, grit, and persistence. Nothing could stand my way.”

These thoughts are enough to make you realize your strength and unleash your hidden powers.

Face Your Fears Like A Soldier

Could you imagine yourself in the war and running exactly where you see the bombs are exploding and gun fires are releasing?

It could be hard for you to do this in the real war until you are not a trained soldier.

But we are not facing that serious conditions in life. We are not fighting for our country here.

Maybe be the stakes are low, but they are equally important.



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