Turn Your Should Into A Must

Here is the way to overcome your bad habit and incorporate the good ones

Muhammad Fazal


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Options will create doubts. You will remain confused about which one to choose — even when you know the right choice.

The word “should” gives birth to options. Should mean you might do something or you might not. When you say that you should avoid smoking, your mind is agreed, but your heart isn’t.

You will still grab the box of cigarettes with you in your pocket or put it in some appropriate place in your vehicle.

It’s the word “must” that burns the boats. This must mean you have no other option than to move forward. The boats are burnt, and the only way to conquer the island is to fight face-on.

The word must locks all the doors of escape.

Live Your Life With Musts in the Easy Times

When the stakes are high and the water level touches the sky, we all switch to action mode. We do, or we die.

When things go out of control or life begins to test our strengths, we often panic at first but eventually overcome the obstacles because there remains no other option for us other than solving the issues and making our life stable.

But life also plays a fair game often. It also sometimes be easy on us. And stupidly enough, we mistake that things will remain like this for a long lifetime.

It’s those easy times when we have to do must-do things. Most remarkable people are hard on themselves in times of ease.

Every average person will choose to walk once they face a heart attack, but the extraordinary will exercise while they are already physically fit.

Greatness means we prepare for the bad times when life is easy on us.

Do must-things when the time is not difficult for you.

Do This to Be Successful

Be like a robot for a certain amount of lifespan. Only do the right things.



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