What Is in Your Control


Muhammad Fazal


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No one knows whether you will be alive tomorrow or not.

No one knows whether you will achieve success or failure, become rich or poor, or experience peace or chaos in the future.

Who knows that war breaks out? Tomorrow, your business will get a new investor, and that person will prove to be a game-changer, who knows?

The spinning of the world in its orbit is not in your control. The rising of the sun, the change of the weather, the cat eating a mouse in a distant corner of the world is not in your hands.

Events are not in your hands. What happens to you is not in your hands but how you happen to it is in your hands.

People Will Always Be Out of Your Control

Only the one who wants to change will change.

You can just spread the positive vibe. You can share an educative message. You can bring awareness to people, but it is completely in their hands whether they choose to take it or not.

If you depend on someone acting the way you want, you will seldom be happy.

Why? Because every human has a different mind, he has a choice to choose. You are responsible for your choices, and the other person is responsible for their choices.

It’s like you can cook the best dish and put it on the dinner table, the hungry one will eat it, but the one who isn’t won’t eat it.

You are responsible for contributing in a positive way; it’s up to the people whether they want to listen to you and implement that useful information in their life or not.

You take care of your actions. You give your best response in the current situation; the rest will remain out of your control.

Here Is the Right Way To Think

Thinking that leads to the action you can take in the present moment is the right thinking.

Can you control a plane crash? You can’t. Can you do something about the plane in the sky flying with thousands of uncertainties? Nothing. So stop thinking.

Do you control how your children or family will survive smoothly when you die? Can you do something…



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