When You Have a Reason to Do Something, Then You Don’t Need Motivation

Motivation is nothing but noise

Muhammad Fazal


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Finding motivation without any reason is no less than entertainment.

“Those who have a ‘why’ to live, can bear with almost any ‘how’.” ~ Viktor E. Frankl

The reason to act is enough to make you unstoppable, then seeking motivation is nothing but a waste of time.

When your “why” is clear in your mind, then being disciplined, motivated, avoid this or that, and all if’s and but’s are useless. You will operate around just one goal, and that is the only thing required.

Motivation Is Nothing But Noise

People who lack the drive and solid reason to do something need fleeting and short-lived motivation to act on the things.

Some motivational speakers are genuine, but others are just there to make money because it is another form of entertainment.

After wasting so much time on the internet, have you ever seen people end up switching to watching motivational lectures to compensate for their guilt?

They mistake listening to such worthwhile information as performing and doing something great. They think they are fueling themselves to take action.

They take action, but it doesn’t last long, and they eventually say it doesn’t work.

When You Have a Burning Desire, Then You Don’t Need Motivation

Sometimes you have to prove to someone that you are worth something. Other times you want to prove yourself that you are the greatest of all times.

Whatever the reason, as long as it’s not harmful to anybody else mentally or physically, then it could work as fuel for you.

When your desire to be at the place of your dreams is so intense that you can’t stop yourself from reaching there, then that single reason is enough to act. You don’t need the motivation to take action now.

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