Why all Motivation Fails When It’s The Right Time To Take Action

We forget that we have to break the illusionary wall

Muhammad Fazal
2 min readJan 5, 2023
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Suppose you wake up 10:00AM in the morning and you feel tired and disappointed. You feel angry about your sluggishness. You reach office late. And it’s all messy and strange.

With a frown on your face and some amount of anger you commit that you will sleep by 9PM tonight. Enough is enough.

Guess what? You start the day in office from 11:00AM. Laugh with colleague, have a few cups of coffee, do some work and then reach back home.

You see the bed and the clock. It’s 9:00PM. But there is the phone beside your bed. You forget your commitment. You use your phone and you end up sleeping after 12:00AM in the night again.

The next day cycle repeats. The loop of the failure repeats.

Maybe You Don’t See It But There Is a Wall

There is an illusionary wall, some kind of force, or whatever that stops you in the moment to take the right action. May be you don’t see it but there is an illusionary wall. When you want to sleep at 9:00PM but an illusionary wall comes on your way.

Someone you can’t see inside you stops you from doing the right thing.

You know what you have to do at that time? Break the wall. And do the right thing. Period. Break that illusionary wall. Break it now.

Right after reading this article, what you don’t feel like doing and had been procrastinating about for a long time, what that illusionary wall stops you from doing, do it.

Go and break the wall now. Break the illusionary wall no matter what. That’s how you succeed in life. Break the wall and win.



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