Why Did I Fail to Control My Anger Today

Know this little trick before you fail to bear the cost of consequences caused by anger

Muhammad Fazal
3 min readMar 6, 2022


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Have you even sensed and observed what happens in your body when you get angry?

It’s not that you only experience an adrenaline rush, unconsciousness, or emotional high, but your muscles also get contracted.

Muscles get tightly packed, which makes us unconscious, which eventuates as having done things we regret later.

Essence: Loosen your muscles in times of anger, frustration, worry, tensions, anxiety, and these negative feelings will lose power over you.

It may seem super easy; you have to sense which muscles of your body are tight and have to release the pressure from them, but trust me, it’s not.

Simple things are not that simple because we believe in complexity.

How I Failed to Control My Anger and What Things It Cost Me

Being a big believer in mindfulness and calmness, it makes me ashamed of having a lack of control over my anger.

I fought with my niece over a petty matter, let alone the fact that it was the ego on both sides.

She might be amateur in the subject of consciousness, but to me, it was too disappointing to be a disciple of discipline and not be able to practice it when the time was right.

Things are okay now, but still, I’m having the scar on my body that I failed to practice what I preach.

Numerous tears well out of my eyes; I cried in the washroom because I lost the war against my ego.

Still, I feel ashamed; I would take a few weeks to recover from the displeasing gesture I expressed against her.

But still, the good part is that later on, when I got my consciousness and calmness, I went back to her and let her slap me (She is probably seven years younger than me).

She showed her anger, and it all went to normal. We are okay now.

You Might Not Get Such Good Chance



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